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What I Do

What I have found is that most people over 40 struggle with weight gain and the loss of strength. They are unsure of where to start their journey and fear that they will fail once they have started. They also feel that there is a lack of time in the day, and they feel they may need to stick with a very restricted diet. What they want is to rebuild their strength and get back to the weight they were at when they were in their 20’s. So, they end up doing hours of cardio and trying every diet that promises they will lose weight. They think the problem is they do not have enough time or the perfect diet. The real problem is they lack strength and eating habits that fit their lifestyle. What they really need is to pick up a strength training program with their needs in mind and a style of eating that teaches them to choose better eating habits.

If you are looking for a strength training program that fits your needs. Contact me for free 2-week trial. 

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