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Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

There are many benefits to regular exercise...

Gaining strength, improved mobility, and weight loss just to name a few.

Just like there is more than one benefit to exercise, there is more than one type of exercise....

The basic types of exercise are strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular training... Today we will take a more in depth look at the benefits of cardiovascular training.

Cardiovascular exercise can be many things, running, swimming, rowing, even walking.

There are many benefits when you do regular cardio exercise. Some of these benefits include.

Burning lots of calories

Running is good for burning lots of calories in a little bit of time. During a cardio workout we need to burn calories for energy in order to sustain ourselves during the workout. Depending on the amount of time and our fitness level. We can be anywhere from 100-300 calories in about 30 minutes of work.

Heart health

This is possibly one of the best reasons to have regular cardio in your work program. Running can reduce your risk of heart disease by 30-55%. Running has also been shown to reduce blood clots and supports a healthy blood flow.

Lowers blood pressure

Regular cardio exercise has been shown to help lower blood pressure which in turn helps the heart be more efficient. This lowers your resting heart rate and let’s your heart work less to pump blood through your body.

Improves brain function

Scientists have done studies to show that cardiovascular exercise can help with cognitive function. After the age of 30 the brain starts losing tissue and cardio exercise can slow this degradation.

There are many more benefits to cardiovascular exercise. The calorie burn, heart health, brain function, and lowered blood pressure are just a few. If you want to get these benefits in your regular workouts be sure to program 150 minutes a week or just 30 minutes a day of cardio exercise.

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