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Benefits of Strength Training

It’s just that simple… pick it up… put it back down

However, nothing is just that simple.

Strength training is not just for getting you big strong muscles. There are many benefits to strength training.

Strength training is more about increasing quality of life.

Here are a few more benefits of strength training:

Stronger bones

Just like your muscles getting stronger when you lift weights, the same goes for your bones. When resistance is added to our bones they are forced to adapt and become stronger and more dense. This can also help us as we get older.

As we age we lose bone density, weight lifting can help reduce this loss of bone density.

Better balance

Strength training improves the muscles of your core and strengthens your legs. These muscles help keep you upright and help with everyday tasks like standing on one foot when walking. These muscles also help you stop yourself from falling.

Improved flexibility

It is believed that strength training will decrease your flexibility and this is a myth. Strength training when done at a full range of motion has been shown to improve your strength and flexibility. Especially exercises like deep squats and deadlifts for your hips.

Boosts confidence

As much as we love the physical changes from strength training. Getting stronger is a serious boost in your confidence. You may start strength training unable to perform a pull up or a push up. However, as you get stronger and get to the point of being able to do a new skill it is very exciting and motivating.

Having flashy muscles and being able to lift heavy weights are only minor benefits that come with strength training. There are many more benefits to strength training. Stronger bones, better balance and flexibility, and a boost in confidence are still just a few ways strength training can improve your quality of life..

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