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Best Exercise You Are Not Doing

This movement is a little bit different from lifting a weight, instead of just picking it up and putting it back down. We pick it up and move it to a new place.

We go to the gym to work on functional movements so we can live a better more fulfilled life. We squat and deadlift, bench press and overhead press, do pull ups and rows. All great and very functional movements in their own right.

We never to hardly ever work on the most functional movement in the gym, heavy carries.

We are constantly carrying things throughout the day, why do we not train to be better at the thing we do the most?

Carries are also one of the few exercises that will work every muscle in your body with one movement.

Sure, you feel your forearms and shoulders the most and really nothing else.

Look at it like this.

A back squat, the bar is resting on your shoulders. Everything below your shoulders is working to stabilize the weight.

Let’s look at carries, you are holding on to the weight, the load is transferring into your shoulders, now like a back squat, everything below is stabilizing the weight.

The biggest difference is that instead of just doing a squat. You are walking, a movement we do everyday, with a load in hand.

Besides being an amazing functional exercise, carries also help build a ton of real world strength. Again, we carry things all the time.

It will also help build and tone muscle, especially your core and lower back muscles.

Carries are also great as a conditioning exercise. You can set a goal of trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. You can also try to carry the weight for a really long distance.

This is a great way to boost your heart rate.

Well, most of all, carries make you feel strong and confident. It feels good to pick up a really heavy weight and move it a long distance.

Even though it is not an exercise we normally train, it does not mean we shouldn’t. Heavy carries are easily the most functional movement we can do in our training program. It works every muscle in your body, and it can also be used as a conditioning exercise. It builds muscle and helps you feel strong. Remember, all you are doing is carrying heavy things.

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