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Don’t Fall Into This Trap

There’s a mistake most people make in December that I wanted to share with you so I can help you avoid it.

You know how I preach about avoiding the “all or nothing” approach? Well, December is the perfect example.

Many people spend 11 months exercising consistently and eating reasonably, only to get distracted by holiday parties, sweets and treats in December.

Don’t fall into the trap.

Because if you do, the next thing you know you’re carrying around 10 extra pounds.

I’ve already heard from a couple of clients who’ve reached out and said that they’re going to be too busy in December to work out, can they pause their membership for a month and come back in January?

This is when I put my role as business owner to the side and put on my “Coach” hat.

Because in my experience, people need a coach during the holidays more than any other time of year.

If you’re thinking about stopping or taking a break, don’t. Some exercise during the holidays is better than none.

Maintaining some consistency with your workouts, even if it’s not as many times per week as it was in the summer or fall, will allow you to indulge a bit in your favorite foods without the guilt and shame that sometimes comes with it.

Plus, the benefits of exercise, especially when doing it with other people, go far beyond body aesthetics. Exercise has been proven to improve brain health and mood. We all know how stressful the holiday season can be, so give yourself a break from the stress and get the endorphins and adrenaline flowing!

So stick with it. Don’t fall into the holiday trap. Your waistline and mindset will thank you in January.

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