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Eat Slow To Lose Weight

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The number one best way to lose fat is by a caloric deficit.  Actually that is the only way to lose fat.  There is not such thing as out working a bad diet.  By bad diet I mean eating a tons of junk food.

I do not believe in not eating a certain food, what I do believe in eating some food sparingly.  Children will only turn 3 years old one time in their life.  If you enjoy some cake and ice cream on their birthday then who cares.  It is not going to ruin the other 364 days of the year.

I also do not like food tracking.  I feel it is to demanding and expects perfection.  We are imperfect being living on an imperfect world.  Why would try to the hardest thing we could do, force something to be perfect. 

What I plan to do over the the next couple emails is talk about how to make fat loss easy.  If we are not perfect that is just fine, as long as it works for you.  With each email we will talk about a skill that you can start to work on today, that will lead you to fat loss success.  These are skills that my clients, and myself use, and they work.

As long as we focus on using one skill at a time, you will see success.  You will want to work on each one a minimum of 2 weeks.  This will allow you to not only learn the skill and see how you can apply it.  It is a good way to make the skill a habit.

Skill number one is eating slowly.  I am sure you have heard this one before.  It is true and it does work. 

How do I learn to do this?

Simple, time yourself the next time you eat.  If you finish breakfast in say 3 minutes, the next day can we take an extra 20-30 seconds to finish your meal?

Here is a little trick that may help you with that.  Take a bit then put your fork down, sit back, and chew your food completely, swallow, and rest for a second or two. 

What eating slowly does is it gives your brain and stomach time to talk.  When you eat you are releasing a hormones which communicate with your brain to tell your brain when you are done eating.  This is a process that takes time.

If we are consistently putting food in our mouth this processes may not complete before we overeat.  Slowing down our food intake gives these hormones time to reach our brain and stops us from over eating.

It is very easy to overeat with every meal.  Overeating leads to a caloric surplus.  Caloric surplus leads to fat gain.  Simply slowing down the process of eating can help us not overeat leading to a caloric deficit.  Caloric deficit is how we lose weight.  Can you take a little bit longer to eat at your next meal?

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