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Eat To 80% Full

If you don't already know, I love coffee.  More important, I love coffee flavored coffee.  It is amazing, it has magical properties that gives us energy.  It pairs well with Metallica, or any other rock or metal band.  Well, here I am, fresh cup of coffee, listening to the newest Tool album, Fear Inoculum is phenomenal by the way. 

I am ready to drop some knowledge bombs into your lap.  Let's do this!

Weight loss and weight maintenance is actually you having a better relationship with your food.  It is finding that nice place where no matter what you eat you feel good about what you ate.  You should never feel guilty about eating some cake or a cookie.  You should not be saying "oh I shouldn't". 

A good relationship with food is knowing it is ok to have a cookie because you are eating well enough to be able to afford eating that cookie.

If you remember in the last post we talked about how being in a caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight.  We also went over how eating slowly will give your stomach and brain time to talk and let you know that you are done eating.  If you have not read that post you can check it out right here Eating Slow To Lose Weight

Today we will go over another skill that will help us in our weight loss journey. 

Next in our skill set to weight loss is eating to 80% full.  This is a way to keep us from over eating.  A big reason why we gain weight and can not get it off or keep it off is because we over eat.  Even if you eat nothing accept healthy foods and over eat every meal, you are in a caloric surplus. 

What is eating to 80% full?  Think of it like this, Thanksgiving dinner, we eat til our pants are about to pop.  We are stuffed and there is no way we could take another bit til sometime Sunday morning.  Think of this as being 150% full.

The other side of this is when we are so hungry our stomach starts to growl.  We feel like we need to eat right now.  This is 0% full, 80% full is that nice in between spot.  That not hungry and not full feeling.  We could eat something, however there is no need to eat.  This is the sweet spot to stop eating at.

Keep in mind we want to work on one skill at a time.  If you are working on eating slowly then save this email as a reference.  We don't want to overload ourselves and work on to much at a time.  Work on one skill for about 2 weeks and look at how you are coming along.  Ask yourself "how did it work for me?".  If it didn't go so well you could change your skill or work on the current one for another 2 weeks.

Having a good relationship with our food is the best way to be happy with what we eat.  We should never feel guilty about our food choices.  We should also never over eat.  Eating to 80% full will help us not over eat and stay within our calorie counts.  Lastly remember we only want to work on one skill at a time.  You can't ride two horses with one ass.

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