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High VS Mid VS Low Reps

Something that we need to understand when it comes to fitness and building a progressive workout program is the reps we are about to do and why.

We really only have three choices low, mid, and high reps ranges. Even timed workouts are based around these rules.

In order for us to build the best program to fit our individual wants and needs we need to pick the better set and reps scheme for our individual goals.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of different rep ranges.

Low rep:

Let’s start by talking about low reps. If you are wanting to build as much strength in as little time as possible then low reps paired with a lot of sets is the way to go. You will want to use weights that are around 80% of our 1 rep max (1RM).

You will want to take longer breaks with lower reps. You will want your break between sets to be about 2-5 minutes. Keep in mind that this will be based on the individual.

You can build muscle and improve muscular endurance with this rep choice. You will not build like you would with mid to higher reps.

You will typically see reps for 1 rep up to 5 reps done for 5-10 sets.

Mid rep:

This is the perfect rep range for building or toning muscle. You will gain a good amount of strength with mid reps. Just not like you will with low reps.

Depending on how many reps you are doing per set you will want to use weights that are 60-70% of your 1RM.

Your rest periods can be much shorter with mid reps. You will normally want to rest 60 or even 90 seconds between sets.

Your rep range will usually be from 8-15 reps with a mid rep range.

High rep:

High rep ranges are typically going to be used for muscular endurance. High reps can also be used for a cardio strength or HIIT training session. A high rep range will teach your body how to work through the burn we get as we workout.

You will be using a much lower percentage of your 1RM with your lifts. You may even be using bodyweight only for these movements.

Your rest periods will be based on how you feel. Rest as long as you feel you need to between sets.

Typical rep ranges for higher reps is anything above 20 reps.

Depending on what your personal goals are you will need to choose what reps you will want to put a focus on. Low reps for strength, mid reps to build and tone muscle, high reps for muscular endurance. What rep range best suits the goal you are looking to meet?


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