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Home Gym, Pros And Cons

With my last post I talked about at home gym equipment and if we are buying up to much of it?

Are we getting the home gym stuff that we really do need and will use?

With this I would like to talk a little bit about the home workout.

A little about myself, I am a bit of a home workout person myself. I have a couple pieces of equipment that I use for my home workouts.

I actually feel I get my best workouts done at home.

Now… I get it, some of you have a need to get out of the house and workout elsewhere. Feel the same some days.

I hate to say it, this may be geared more toward my at home warriors and I apologize for that. I do want you to bear with me cause you may find something of value in this post.

I have been thinking about what to write with this and I want to push toward a pros and cons of at home workouts. Either way you go with a gym membership or with a gym at home you will have pros and cons.

And don’t worry… I will do one on having the gym membership for a later date.


Save a ton of $$$$

Yes at first the investment in a home gym can be a ton of money. However, it does depend on how well you or your trainer can program workouts. It also depends on how much imagination you have with your equipment.

You do save a ton of your hard earned cash with a home gym. You are not paying the monthly fees for a gym membership or the gas to get there. Also, most box gym goers use only one area of the building. You on the other hand are using the entire space you have.

Only person in the gym

Who doesn’t love walking into an empty gym? You get the whole place to yourself and you do not have to share or wait for any piece of equipment.

You don’t have to worry about the last guy cleaning his sweat off the equipment either.

And!!! The DJ is always playing your song.

More time on your hands

You have way more time on your hands. Think about it, it may be about 10 minutes worth of time driving to get to the gym. Then you have to drive back home, another 10 minutes. If you go 3 days a week that is an hour of your time you could spend doing better things, like sleeping.

Minimal equipment

Look, you don’t need every piece of equipment under the sun to get in a great workout. The minimal equipment approach is a great way to learn this. There are a ton of things you can do with two middle weight dumbbells or a single sandbag.

Look at the kettlebell guys, they will use a single kettlebell for years without ever changing the weight or getting any new equipment. The less equipment you have the less space your home gym takes up.


Minimal equipment

Let’s be honest this is a strength and a weakness. With minimal equipment there may be certain goals you will never reach. Then the possibility of exercises you are unable to do due to the lack of equipment.

There is no lack of equipment in most gyms.

No gym friends

If you are anything like me, you love the gym because you get to see your friends. Some of the best people I have ever met in my life have been from the gym. You may also have the pleasure of finding your swole mate.

If you are the type who only wants a slow gym it’s all good. Just go during a slow hour.

The commute

I know I said you saved time because you don’t need to drive to the gym. That commute though, playing your gym pump music on the way.

Who doesn’t love a good pump song?

There is no need to say anything else. I’m going to say it anyway, it gives you some extra time out of the house.

It’s more than just a fitness area

Most gyms are way more than just a fitness area. Depending on where you go, they are a community, a family, a place for your kids. Sometimes the gym is so much more than just a place with weights.

And this is something big you will miss out on.

The home gym is something that has been gaining in popularity lately. It has a lot of good things, and an equal amount of negatives. You may save money, however you lose out on the community. Whether you chose to workout at home or in a place with others. Keep in mind, there are negatives with every choice you make, however, the positive be more in your favor.

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