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I Lost My Love To Workout

This morning I got into a conversation with one of my clients about having a better relationship with fitness.

This question has become a little personal to me.

It is funny to admit that just a few months ago I lost my love for fitness and working out. I didn’t have the motivation or the want to get up and go workout.

It felt like a chore.

I have found that a couple of things have helped me find my motivation to workout again.

1: Have a group to hold you accountable

This should go without saying. A group of like minded people to help you get through the workout will get you into the gym to do your workout whether you want to make it or not. This can be as simple as friends at the gym who you see everyday.

Paying a trainer or someone to write your workouts helps.

2: Have a workout partner

This can either go with or without the latter. You can find a facebook group to hold you accountable. However, you can still workout alone. My wife and I workout together now and she keeps me going on the days and times we have scheduled together.

3: Have your workouts in your schedule

Scheduling your workouts and times means you set aside that time to get into the gym and workout. If you are like me you need something to be on your calendar for it to exist. Put your workout on your calendar and you will be less likely to miss that workout.

Whether you pay someone to write your workouts or you simply have a workout partner and well planned schedule. Getting to the gym is made easier if you plan ahead and workout with your friends.

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