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Items Around The House

I have had a lot of people reaching out to me telling me they do not have any gym equipment at home.  Another thing I am hearing is, all I have around here is 10 lbs dumbbells and a stability ball.  Basically little to no gym equipment.

I have been an obstacle course racer for a few years now.  Something that I have learned is, you can get an amazing workout with household items.  I promise if you look around your house you will find that you have more gym equipment than what you think.

I feel that some of the items I talk about can be considered odd objects. I talk about the benefits of lifting unconventional weights in my odd object lifting article.

If you have been following my live videos on facebook than you know I love using buckets filled with things.  I fill mine with sand, rock, dirt, bricks, anything that adds a weight to my buckets.  I like to use 5 gallon buckets because they are tough, hold a lot of weight, and they are cheep. 

Something else I have really liked and seems like everyone has them, the reusable grocery bags.  All you have to do is put some cans of food in them.  I like this because it is easy to see progress.  Last week I was able to overhead press a bag with 5 cans, this week I am doing 6 cans.  That's a progression.  Also, like the buckets, they are cheep.

I know not everyone has one of these.  However, they are great if you have one.  A wheel barrow, these are getting super popular in garage gyms.  With good reason, you can put anything for weight into these, wheel barrows get heavy fast, and they make for an amazing full body exercise.  The only downside is they tend to be a little bit more expensive.

I imagine everyone has at least one backpack sitting around the house.  Something I learned while I was in the Army is that backpacks make amazing strengthening tools.  It is super easy to make a backpack heavy.  All you need to do is add some old cloths and the 5-10 lbs dumbbells you have lying around and BOOM!  You have yourself some heavy weights.  The bonus is you can do almost every exercise under the sun with these things.

I know all of you have this next one.  Shoes, there is reason why running is such a popular sport.  It has a very low barrier of entry.  Really all you need is a pair of shoes, well, and cloths.  If you do not like running it's all good, walking is an amazing workout.  The people out there who want something more intense, you have sprinting.

This might not be everything that you are able to find around your house to use as exercise equipment.  It is a good start and I it should get you thinking about what you have lying around.  With a little bit of thought, anything, even a bucket can be used as a weight.

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