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Looking For A Bigger Deadlift?

Are you looking to improve your deadlift?

Try strengthening these areas.

Your lower back and abs:

Building strong abdominal and lower muscles will not only help you look good, they can help with your deadlift numbers. These muscles will help you pull more weight and stay in a safer position.

Try adding in more planks and good mornings to your workout routine.

Upper back:

Like your abs and lower back having a strong upper will help you stay in a safer position when lifting heavy. These muscles will help pull your shoulder back and will help you build strong lats. Your lats are very important because they will help you maintain a neutral lower back.

To strengthen this area be sure to do pull ups and inverted rows.

Glutes and hamstrings:

These are the workhorses of the deadlift. If you have weak glutes and hamstrings, then you have a weak deadlift. Build those glutes and hamstrings to be the strongest muscles on your backside and I guarantee your deadlift numbers will go up.

Looking to build these powerhouses? Do hip thrusters, glute bridges, and kettlebell swings.

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