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Micro Workouts

I am not sure if I am like anyone else in this.  When Covid-19 took over and closed places down I did not get more free time.  I actually got busier.  Part of it was I had more time to do things around the house.  The other part is I have more time to focus on some projects that I have been wanting to start.

This leaves me with less time to workout.  Some days I have enough time for a full workout, some days I have had to call my workout short.  Due to these shifts in my time I have started to incorporated micro workouts throughout the day.

What is a micro workout?

It is basically something that I can do a set of about 5-10 reps multiple times a day.  I usually try to keep it down to 3 exercises.  I try to complete anywhere from 3-10 sets through the day.  It always depends on what my day looks like.  These micro workouts can also be used as a complete workout.

With the micro workouts we are wanting to do exercises that are more bang for buck.  Basically look for exercises that work on problem areas and use lots of muscle groups.  Try to avoid single joint movements.  This means bicep curls are out.  We are also not looking for a personal record on these days.  Stick to movements that you need little to no warm up for.

Here a couple that I like to throw in.

Workout 1

3 each side turkish get up

10 each arm banded bent row

20 Kettlebell swings

Workout 2

5 pull ups

10 ea leg split squat

15 push ups

Workout 3

5 burpees

5 squat press

5 bent row

Workout 4

10 man makers

10 meter bear crawl

Remember we want to the individual workout several times a day.  You also may need to stretch before and after you do a new set.

Micro workouts are a great way to stay active and get in your workouts on busy days.  They are also a great way to work on problem areas or improve on a weak exercise.  Keep in mind you want to stick to movements that you need little to no warm up.  A micro workout is not the best way to go about a workout program.  They can keep you on track with your current program.

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