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Odd Object Lifting

Updated: May 23, 2020

The last post I wrote was about things I have for my home gym.  You can find that post here. Today let's talk about a different side of training. I want to get a little unconventional. Start looking into odd objects.

There are a lot of benefits using odd objects in your training plan.  What I mean by odd object training is using weights that are not your traditional weights.  Traditional weights being barbells, dumbbells, and even resistance bands.

Items that I see as odd objects would be sandbags, stones, buckets, tires, and kettlebells.

Why would we use odd objects in our training?  If you think about it, odd object training is actually a more functional way of training.  The world is not perfectly shaped, Earth and everything on it are very uneven.  This means that a more functional strength will come from training with something that has an uneven weight.

What is the benefit?  With sandbags especially, there is always a different distribution of weight every time you pick it up.  Even though the weight is the same, the load is always placed differently.

What can we do if only have access to dumbbells and barbells?  The fix is a lot easier than you would think.  It will not be as effective as an odd object will, it is a step in the right direction.

The answer is what I call offset training.  Offset training is when you hold a weight in only one hand and do the exercise.  Another way to do offset training is standing on one foot.  You could even stand on or have your hands on an uneven surface.  Bosu and stability balls are great ways to get this in.  I would avoid standing on a ball with a weight.

Just because odd object training is not a traditional way of training, it is a more functional way of training.  Like the Earth odd objects are uneven and always changing.  The best part of odd object training, you can do it with junk you find around the house.

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