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Program Set Up-Goal Setting

Since we are just now getting into the new year you have or possibly will be starting a new fitness program.

This is why I want to make sure you know and understand the importance of each part of a workout.

We will also discuss how to properly set up a workout so you can reach whatever goal you are looking to achieve.

You see, setting up a workout is not just going to the gym and picking a random exercise and performing that exercise for a random number of sets and reps.

It takes a little bit of work on your or your trainers' part.

First thing you need to do is take into account what your goal is. Be very specific about your goal.

“I want to get stronger” or “I want to be healthier'' is not a specific goal.

You really need to understand what you want from this goal.

Make sure you state what you want, add a time limit, and have a way to measure when you completed your goal.

You need to turn “I want to be stronger” into, “I want to be able to deadlift 135 lbs by March 28th.”

Be on the lookout for future emails as I will be teaching you how to create an effective workout and program.

If you need help with your goal setting, I want to help you. Message me with what you want to achieve, and I will help you set your goal.


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