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Program Set Up-step 1

Now that you have established what your goal is… and you have a plan for achieving your goal.

Let’s get into what order you will be setting up your workouts.

The best way to explain how to set up the order of your exercises is by importance.

What movements will help you reach your goal the fastest?

You will want to start with these movements first then work your way down to the movements that you are the least worried about.

Basically, if you want to strengthen your core muscles then starting with bicep curls is not the best first step.

If you want to build a stronger core, then start there.

If you want to be stronger in a specific movement, then start with that movement.

Keep in mind, whatever order you use for your workout. Start with the most important movements.

If you need help determining what your best first exercise is, message me and I will help you figure it out.

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