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Suitcase Carries

If you remember from the last discussion we talked about carries and a quick reason why we should do more of them.

Today we will go over possibly the most functional of all the carries, suitcase carries…

The claim of the most functional is because of the fact that the movement is a single sided carry. Meaning you are only holding a one weight on one side of your body.

This causes the weight to pull your body to one side and forces you to work the opposite side in order to maintain a proper position.

Basically, you are working all of your core muscles if you plan to do this exercise correctly.

Performing the movement

Simple, pick up a weight in one hand and walk forward. Be sure to maintain a nice tall spine, do not lean in any direction too much. If you are leaning over too much you will need to lighten the load.

Be sure to keep you shoulder down and back and try to keep your shoulders in their naturally shrugged position.

Muscles worked

With any carry you work almost every muscle in your body. With suitcase carries you are taxing your abs, lower back, and shoulders more.

Don’t be afraid to go heavy with this movement. It is a great exercise to help you get stronger, the heavier you go the stronger you will get.

All carries are extremely functional exercises. Among the carrying exercise family the suitcase carry could possibly be the most functional. It could also be the most core taxing exercise. This is a simple movement to perform and needs very little equipment. With your next workout how far are you doing to suitcase carry?

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