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The Minimal Gym

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It’s funny, I have been trying to write about minimal gyms for a couple of weeks now. Simply because I love minimal gyms.

I am still unsure what I want to say about them.

A minimal gym is a gym with very little fitness equipment.

A minimal gym makes for a great home gym. This is because they contain only a couple pieces of equipment. An example of a minimal gym would be a couple light dumbbells, a stability ball, and some bands or tubing.

A lot of the time you can get more from your small home gym then from any big box gym. You can build strength and tone or build your muscles very similar to going to the gym.

This is partially because you will need to use your imagination more at home with little equipment. You will be more likely to use exercises you would never use at the gym.

What we are really trying to get after is this. It does not matter what the equipment is or what it looks like or how heavy it is. Are you doing the proper movements and the proper programming to get the results you are looking for?

You can go to the gym for years and have all the gym equipment available for your use and never get any results.

Gym equipment is just a tool that is there to help us reach the goals we want. Are you using the given tools in the proper manner in order to reach the desired outcome?

Let’s think of how we can reach our goals with what we have available.

Anyone and build strength and get stronger with very little equipment.

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