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What Makes You Strong?

What makes you strong?

This is a question that gets asked often. Strength is a physical feat that you are able to perform. Typically is picking up a heavy weight and putting back down where you found it.

This should not be the only way you measure strength.

Just because you are not lifting what you want or what you used to lift it does not mean you are not strong.

There is so much more to measuring strength than just heavy weights.

Let’s look at it this way.

If you can bench press 315 and you cannot properly perform even 1 push up, are you actually strong?

Yes and no…

Sure you are lifting a heavy weight, however you do not have the full body strength to do a push up.

So, yes and no.

Strength is so much more than the weight you lift. Is someone who can run a marathon a weak person because they do not lift weights? Not necessarily, sure they can run a marathon which makes them a strong runner. They may not be able to deadlift 500 lbs, making them a weak lifter.

Just like the person who can deadlift 500 lbs may not be able to run a marathon. Strong lifter and a weak runner.

Rather than looking at strength as being a single measurement we need to look at it as many different types of measurements.

This leaves us to ask the question, what is strength and why?

Unless you are a professional athlete or competing in a specific sport like powerlifting or running. Strength should be measured as your body as a whole.

What should be the average measurement of strength?

Being able to lift somewhat heavy, run a 5k non stop, and move my body through a full range of motion savagely well. Sure, this is a very basic answer and covers every area of fitness. This would be a better measurement of true strength for the general population.

This is just a thought.

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