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Goal Setting: Be Specific

At this point you have a goal that you would like to meet.

Whether your goal is to lose some weight, get stronger, or run the ½ marathon coming up you need to know exactly what it is you want.

You need to describe your goal as best as you can.

This is because the more specific you make the goal the better you will be able to say what the goal is.

Here is what a non-specific goal will look like.

“I want to lose weight.”

Here is what a specific goal will look like.

“I will lose 15 lbs in 4 months. I will achieve this by losing 4 lbs every month for the next 4 months.”

Do you see how one sounds more like a plan than the other?

When you are setting your goals make sure you use powerful words like “I will”.

If you say “I want to” or “I will work on” you are pretty much saying I want to fail.

So, be specific with your goals, add numbers if and when you can and use strong saying to set your goal.

I want to help you with your goal setting, me and tell me what your goal is, and I will help you dial in your goals.


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