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Let's Talk Wins

I am sure by now you have heard me throw around the term wins.

A win is something good that happened in your life.

This can literally be anything.

It can be you drinking all your water for the day. You got a promotion at work. It can even be something like going to visit a friend you have not seen for a long time.

Here at the gym, we focus on our health, fitness, and mindset wins.

Basically, things that help move you toward your personal goals.

There is no such thing as a small win. All wins are a big deal and should be celebrated.

We focus on wins because everyone has a habit of focusing on what is not going well.

This brings you down and puts you into a negative state of thinking.

The way you can counteract this negative state is by focusing on the positive things… wins.

Everyday write down 3 wins, 3 things you did that made you feel good about yourself.

What are your wins for today? Share them with me, I want to hear about all of your wins.


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