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Motivation can only come from action. But it can come in different forms.

Internal (from you) and external (from someone else).

A recent study at Ball State University demonstrated the importance of the latter.

Participants were split into two groups of 10 men for a 12-week strength training program.

The groups were evenly matched when they started and did the same exercise routine with the same rest and same frequency.

One group gained 32% more upper-body strength and 47% more lower-body strength than the other.

The only difference was that the more successful group had a personal trainer watching over their workouts.

That’s cool.

But here is what is AMAZING.

Both groups performed the same exercise routine … so the only role of the trainer was motivation and confidence!

The participants chose to lift heavier weights and push themselves harder than those left to exercise alone.

And since you know that a great coach can also design a great program, educate you about nutrition, and work around injuries … you bet your butt that if you’re serious and want the best results possible, you should hire one.

And I know I’m biased….

But here’s the thing. I’ve had my own personal coach since 2018, so I put my money where my mouth is. ;-)

And it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made.

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