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Program Design-Warm Up

When it comes to getting ready for any and all of your workouts. You will always need to warm up first.

You will need to warm up because this is the best and only way to get your muscles ready for your workout.

Let’s determine what a warm up is and is not.

A warm up is NOT! Walking or running on a treadmill for 5 minutes. Are you warm, yes, you are not warmed up.

A warm up IS! Moving your body through a series of movements that replicate what you are about to do in your workout. This gets your blood flowing and muscles activated.

A warm up is NOT! Flailing your arms in front of you and putting 315 on a barbell and going to town with your exercise.

A warm up IS! Loading up a barbell with lighter weights and performing 3-5 reps and slowly moving toward 50-60% of your working weight. This should take anywhere from 3-5 sets.

A warm up is NOT! 5 minutes of static stretching.

A warm up IS! 10-15 minutes of movement that take you through all 3 planes of motion in order to properly activate and loosen up your muscles.

A warm up IS! The perfect time to work on any and all injury prevention movements.

Simply put, a warm up is just that, a slow warm up to help you get your muscles ready.

If you do not do a proper warm up, then you will put yourself in danger of a serious injury.

Take the time to save yourself from injury, do a good long warm up.

If you need help with your warm up movements message me and I will help you figure out what IS a good warm up for you.

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