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When To Increase Your Weights

A question that I get asked a lot is:

“When should I increase the weights, I am lifting?”

This is a really good question. My quick answer is this.

If you are asking this, then you are ready to increase your weights.

Plain and simple.

So, if you find yourself asking this question then it is time to increase your weight.

Something to keep in mind with your weight increases is, you do not have to lift the same weight with each set.

Let’s take the bench press for example.

If you are doing 5 sets of 8 reps on the bench and you are wanting to increase the weight.

Increase by about 5 lbs. only. Say you did the first just find and set number 2 it got tough and by set 3 you almost don’t squeeze out all 8 reps.

That’s ok, lower the weight and finish the workout.

The next time you do your bench, shoot for that 4th set. If you get it awesome, the next workout works on getting the 5th set.

When you get all 5 sets completed with the heavier weight it’s time to increase the weight and follow the same process.

Don’t forget about the compound effect. Little steps toward your goal will add up to something much bigger.


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