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Home Gym: Bands

Home gyms and home workouts have gained popularity from about a year ago.

Because of this popularity I often get asked what I feel is the best piece of home gym equipment.

This actually comes down to several choices for me.

I usually say things like TRX, sandbags, kettlebells (if you know how to use them), stability balls, the list goes on.

However, the once piece of home gym equipment I feel that all of us overlook is the exercise band.

I do mean the tubing style bands with the handles, don’t get me wrong. I do like the ring style rubber bands, however when it comes to bang for buck, the tubing bands are king.

There are several reasons why I like these amazing tools.

1. They are dirt cheap

Again when it comes to bang for buck tubing bands are king. These things can be as low as $7 for a set of 3 resistances.

This set along with your own body weight is pretty much a full gym for only pennies.

2. You can do a ton of exercises

We are looking at bang for buck here. With some imagination, every exercise you can do on a cable crossover (the oversized cable machine), you can do with bands.

Let’s face it, unless you have a space in your house the size of a small studio. You probably don’t have the room for a cable machine.

3. Can travel everywhere

Let’s be honest here. A set of bands can fold up to something the size of a wallet, and they are super light.

Can you really travel with a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell in your suitcase? You can, but do you want to?

Exercise bands are a great tool for your gym and home workouts. They are compact, cheap, and have a giant exercise library. With your next home gym purchase, forget the set of dumbbells or the kettlebell and purchase a good set of bands.

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