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Home Gym Build Thoughts

The other day I was thinking about gym equipment and what an ideal home gym, which led me to thinking about the typical commercial gym.

A typical commercial gym will have every single piece of gym equipment you can find under the sun.

Squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, and some have even started to get rowers.

Seems like a lot...

Now, I am not saying that the local big gym doesn’t need all that equipment. If you ask me they certainly do. What I am saying is your home gym might not need all that equipment.

As of recently home gyms and home gym equipment has started to gain popularity. It seems like some people are buying up everything that they see.

What I want you to leave with today is this, is that important for your home gym?

Actually this is a conversation I have very often with people. Before they buy up some expensive gym equipment I ask them.

Will you use it?

Do you know how to properly use it?

How often will you use it?

Can you use something else you already have to get the same result?

How many uses does it have?

I ask this because if you are not going to use it often and are unable to get the same result from another piece of equipment. Then why buy it?

Then again…it’s just a thought.

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