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The Benefits Of Regular Stretching

Stretching helps with so much more than just decreasing muscle stiffness and improved mobility of your muscles and joints.

This is just a small part of what stretching does for you.

Let’s jump into some of the other benefits of stretching.

Improves posture:

Stretching the tight areas of your body can help you improve and maintain a better posture. Regular stretching helps balance out our body and helps us return to a more neutral position.

Stretching our shoulders, chest, and lower back help keep our bodies in alignment.

A better posture in turn helps us improve our athletic performance.

Better athletic performance:

A stretching program not only improves our posture which helps with athletic performance. It also helps us with our range of motion which allows us to recruit more muscle fibers during our workouts.

Think of it like this, the deeper you can get into a squat, the more muscles you are using.

The end result is you will be able to increase your strength better and faster.

Increased blood flow to your muscles:

Blood carries nutrients to our muscles.

Stretching can improve blood circulation to your muscles. Allowing the nutrients to reach our muscles faster.

In turn, this will help with faster recovery from workouts and less soreness. Better blood flow can also help with healing when we are injured.

It’s a great stress relief:

Stretch muscles hold less stress and can help you feel relaxed.

A symptom of stress is muscle and joint soreness. Tension in your muscles is a response your body has to stress.

Stretching can help relieve this tension and help relieve the stress that comes with it.

This is only a taste of the many benefits regular stretching can do for you.

If you maintain a regular stretching routine you will be feeling better in more ways than just getting rid of annoying tightness.

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